Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When life gets in the way

Hi, my name is Leanne and it has been 8 days since my last run. :::Hi Leanne:::

Ugh....I feel like I need to go to some sort of meeting for falling off the running wagon. But I just haven't felt up to running!! My body hurt and my mind was just on other things. I kept looking at my running spreadsheet and seeing the training runs that I should be doing just slip away. I wish there was a chart that had some sort of "Life Adjusting" feature. Like how many kids do you have? How many days did you have to sit in a teeny tiny room for Jury Duty? How are you feeling after the passing of a loved one? What is your attitude towards running right now? Is the rapture really going to happen on May 21st? (haha..what a joke that guy is) Then BAM! Out comes this magical revised running spreadsheet. Needless to say, I gave into my emotions and pushed running to the side......again. However, today I was sitting on the couch watching Pregnant in Heels (lame, I know) and all of a sudden, I felt the urge to run. So, I did just that. I threw on my running shoes and off I went. While it was a short run, it was a great run. I ran because I wanted to run, not because the spreadsheet said so. I guess you can call me a yo-yo runner right now. It hurts, then it feels great, I want to run, but then I don't want to, I hate it, I love it! AAAHHHHHH! I am confident I will get my groove back and it will all make sense again. Today was a good start.

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