Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Woodbridge 4th of July 10K

On May 28th I met my brother in law, Alex, and co-worker, Doug, for a nice 10 miler at A Runners Zone in Anaheim. I had only done a few recovery runs since the half. It sure does take a long time for my 37 year old body to recover, doesn't it?

Fast forward three weeks when I find myself in the association office signing up for the Woodbridge 4th of July 10K. Did I mention that I had not run since the aforementioned run? I knew I was going to do this race long ago, but I kept thinking.....4th of July is sooooo far away...I have plenty of time. Anyways, as I am signing up, I am telling myself that I would just get a run in that day or the next as a little warm up. That didn't happen. Well, yesterday at 7:15am, I proceeded to venture out on what used to be a nice little trot for me. 6.2 miles never seemed so far. I felt hot, I could feel my heartbeat in my face, my legs felt heavy and I never caught my breath. I would like to blame this on being sick, but I can't. It was straight up lack of training. There was only three good things about yesterday - Mark ran with me; I burned 684 calories; I never want to feel that winded on a 6.2 mile run again.

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